Nicole Kroschel

A photographer. A feminist. A loyal friend, and a patient person. When you want someone comfortable, at a big event, a wedding, or a special occasion, there is no one better suited to make your day Magical. Attentive, excited and passionate for your perfect pictures, Nicole's eye for attention captures your day, well, perfectly. 


"I love global photography, images from around the world that tell stories and capture culture. This is my favorite type of image to capture; it is often the most challenging, the most fleeting, and by far the most rewarding. Back home in Minnesota, my work tends to be directed at providing family and high school senior portraits. Most recently, I have partnered with the St. Andrew's Community Resource Center to provide newly housed families with portraits to add to their new homes. I am also working with Magical Moments Minnesota, to capture the magic of meeting your favorite princesses in real life!"


Want to see more? Here is Nicole's website, where she shows even more of her talent. She is available to make magical moments at weddings, engagement shoots, and of course, at all our events!

We all know that the best kind of Magical Moment is captured in our heart forever. Our talented photographer makes sure it is captured for you on film too.