Meet The Cast



Say hello to Anna, actress in the Twin Cities and proud member of Magical Moments in Minnesota! Anna loves spending her days performing, and spends her evening making dreams come true. If she isn't singing, she is sleeping and loves the sunshine!



Brie is both a performer and the events manager for Magical Moments. She holds her Bachelors in Elementary Education Studies and is currently pursuing her Masters in Secondary English Education. She is also very active in the Twin Cities theatre community and serves on the Board of Directors for Chaska Valley Family Theatre.



Meet Catherine! She is completing her last year as an education major at UW River Falls. Cat plans on teaching kindergarten or preschool and hopes to build bright futures in all her future students. She encourages all young children to follow their dreams and build their confidence.


A few of Cat’s favorite things include yoga, painting, being in nature, and playing her ukulele.



Meet Clara! She is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota and an aspiring pediatric healthcare administrative professional. Clara has a passion for creating magical, one of a kind connections with each person she meets!

In her free time she enjoys baking macaroons, attending amusement parks, and playing with her chonky cat, Kiwi!

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Meet Innana! She is an elementary school teacher who has had a love of the performing arts since she was a child herself! Innana is proud to be able to bring magic to everyone who needs a bit of sparkle in their life. When she's taking a break from working on her Masters in Teaching, she can be found painting, reading, or singing the latest catchy tune!


Jenny is a new bride, excited to be spreading the magic with such spectacular women! As a voice instructor and a consultant for wedding dresses, Jenny is used to seeing all sorts of magical dreams come true, and loves to be a part of each and every one!



Julia is thrilled to be a member of Magical Moments and overjoyed to help make dreams come true! After living in New York City for three years, she is happy to be back in her homeland of Minnesota. In addition to hanging out with princesses, she works as an actress and voice instructor in the Twin Cities. Her other hobbies include drinking coffee, hiking in the woods, singing with her musician husband, and walking her dog, Moonlight.

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It's truly a dream come true for Katie to be a part of Magical Moments! She loves collaborating with her friends to create unforgettable experiences for children. You can often find her working on her vocal technique and performing in musicals around the Twin Cities. When she isn't singing or working, she is likely playing ultimate frisbee with her partner, Phinehas.



Meet Mack!  She is a Psychology graduate from Viterbo University currently working at The Emily Program as a Mental Health Technician.  In her free time Mack enjoys performing in community theaters across the Twin Cities, baking cheesecakes, singing karaoke with her friends and watching Parks and Recreation.  Mack is extremely excited to have the opportunity to create some magical memories with this amazing team!  



Maddison is currently in her senior year at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing! Maddie is very excited to start a career in nursing, hopefully working with either children or adolescents. Her goal is to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner but is planning to work in the Twin Cities before returning to school again. Although there is no denying her passion for the healthcare field, she also loves musical theater and has performed in many productions throughout the past 10 years. Additionally, she loves styling wigs, creating princess costumes, singing, makeup, spending time with her family and friends, and Star Wars! 


This is Mary! She is currently studying Elementary Education with a focus in STEM at Saint Catherine University. Mary hopes to become a teacher within Saint Paul's public school system after she graduates, and is looking forward to learning and growing as an educator through collaboration and team work with her future students. Her favorite phrase, "it takes a village to raise a child" inspired her to become a teacher, and she hopes she can belong to a community that embraces that ideal. Her favorite activities include cooking, reading, sewing, and watching movies..and of course, creating Magical Moments with Becca and her team! 


Sabrina is studying Apparel Design at St. Catherine University. Her dream is to create magical costumes for local theaters, or maybe even design costumes for "the mouse"! Her hobbies include performing in local productions (and the occasional directing of a show!), makeup & wig design, creating new cosplays for princesses and comic book characters alike, and driving across the country in her little yellow car. Any time her dog, Tink, can be included in these things is a huge bonus.



Sharayah has been a professional actress in the Twin Cities for 6 years; she runs LaMarca Theatre with her business partner, and she teaches music and theatre to young people! Being a princess is such a dream, and she cannot wait to meet you! She lives in the twin cities with her soon-to-be husband, James, her cats Kylo and D’Artagnan, and her puppy Riley.



Meet Soponnie! She is currently studying at The Earth Kingdom institute for cosmetology. Her biggest passion is creativity and being unique. She strives to make everyday exciting and enjoyable for herself and everyone around her. Soponnie loves making others smile, and always wants everyone to feel included and apart of something bigger than themselves. She’s been a dancer since she was 6 and has made princess parties her permanent dance floor. She also loves styling outfits together, eating pasta and cuddling her cat, asap.



Victoria is a new mother and small business owner of Vanna Rose Body Shop named after her baby girl. When she’s not being a princess, she enjoys spending time with Vanna, traveling and crafting all natural and organic products for her clientele.

Meet the Owner



"These girls that I am allowed to make magic with-- they are amazing, thoughtful, kind and truly are magical. I am so glad that my team and I have the pleasure of creating Magical Moments, and we look forward to making many more." 


Becca is a K-12 Theater teacher, who loves taking her passion for the arts, education, and princesses and sharing them with the youth of Minnesota! She enjoys drinking coffee, going on adventures, working at the Children's Theater, and, of course, making Magical Moments. After graduating St. Olaf, Becca has been teaching in the Twin Cities and plans to live in Minnesota until it entirely freezes over.